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25kg Black Kraiburg Solid Rubber Bumper Plate - EACH

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Kraiburg™ Professional Grade All-Rubber Olympic Sized Bumper Plates - German engineered by Kraiburg Relastec, for quality, accuracy, durability, and reliability. Made of 100% solid rubber. Accurate to 99.98%. Odorless, heavy-duty, durable, with integrated 2” polished steel sleeve. Slim, uniform 17.7” diameter. Prevents damage to equipment, walls and floors, and reduces noise. Will not split, crack or peel.  Bumper plates are a solid investment for any home or professional gym and you can't go wrong with Kraiburg....the absolute best name in power lifting.  Contact our sales staff for quantity discounts, customized quotes, or with any questions you might have.  877-275-8253

Weights Available (5kg = 11 lbs):
10lb - Black
15lb - Black
25lb - Black
35lb - Black
45lb - Black
55lb - Black
10lb - Green
25lb - Yellow
35lb - Blue
45lb - Red
5kg - Black
10kg - Black
15kg - Black
20kg - Black
25kg - Black

Why should I choose for my Equine Flooring products?

Our team of industry professionals has over twenty years of "hands-on" experience in the equine flooring industry. There is not a flooring issue that we have not previously seen. Please use our extensive product knowledge and experience to help you with whatever it is needed. We have "done the time" installing floors so that we could better understand the problems that do arise when installing rubber flooring. Call us, we will help! 

What product should we buy?

From the industry standard straight edge 4'x6'x3/4" stall mats to our premium one piece flooring, we offer the best value in the stable flooring industry. Our one piece rubber stall mats are veterinary-grade rubber, so they are the highest quality in the industry. 

Where can I get your product?

With a network of twelve (12) warehouses, we are stocking our most popular flooring products throughout the US. 

What about delivery? These mats are heavy!

Yes, rubber flooring has some weight to it. Our carriers know what they are moving and have a pallet jack and a lift gate on their trailer. Once the mats are at your farm, generally two people can handle the product. Most people can install a typical horse stall in about an hour. 

What makes mats different than others?

Our stall and stable flooring has been perfected over the years. The recycling rubber process often includes metal and nylon. We have perfected the process with 99% metal and fiber being removed. These raw materials are then melted down and remolded into solid sheets of rubber. In addition, we add a proprietary polymer to the recycled materials which makes our rubber mats as close to the construction of natural rubber as possible. Re-vulcanized rubber with this quality raw material will not crack, curl, crumble, or dry rot.

For almost twenty years we have been the leading supplier of flooring and associated products to the fitness industry. Year after year customers have relied on Therubberman to provide the highest quality products at the best prices, utilizing a network of 15+ warehouses throughout the USA.

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