Fitness Products FAQ

Why should I purchase rubber fitness flooring from TheRubberman.com?

Our team of industry professionals has over twenty years of "hands-on" experience in the fitness flooring industry. Please use our extensive product knowledge and experience to help you with whatever it is needed. We have installed different types of floors for fitness gyms and know exactly what it takes to provide the right surface to meet all your specific needs.

What type of weight training equipment provides the best work-outs?

As most professional trainer's advice, working a different set of muscle groups during alternating work-outs can be most effective in building and toning muscle structure. Regardless of which methods are used to add variety to your work-outs, one thing remains the same. In order to effectively add variety, one must have a variety of weights and weight plates available. This may be as simple as having five pound, ten pound, and twenty-five pound bumper plates and/or dumbbells. For those who hold a weight plate during crunches, it may mean having one or more rubber encased "grip" plates that will be easier to hold on to.

Why use rubber flooring in my gym?

Health centers use rubber flooring in aerobic workout areas because it is shock absorbing and soft. It provides cushion and stability, and it also helps protect the joints of the men and women who work-out on it. Similarly, fitness centers use rubber flooring for several reasons....to protect the floor, rubber flooring doesn't roll, rubber flooring provides and non-skid surface, rubber flooring doesn't suffer from the impact of dropped weights, and rubber flooring is extremely easy to maintain.

What about delivery? Fitness equipment is heavy!

Yes, rubber flooring, weightlifting and fitness equipment does have some weight to it. Our freight carriers know what they are moving and have a pallet jack and a lift gate on their trailer. Once the products are at your facility or your home, generally two people can handle the product.