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Our durable Punter, Amoeba, and Pebble Surface Stall Mats are made from 100% recycled re-vulcanized rubber. These mats provide a comfortable non-slip Punter/Amoeba/Pebble Top surface and a Wide Ribbed bottom. They are designed to provide comfort and traction while reducing back and leg strains that can lead to animal injuries. The Punter/Amoeba/Pebble Stall Mat is very popular among animal lovers who require only the best flooring products available. These mats provide a healthy natural environment while insulating against cold and damp conditions. They also absorb shock, reduce bedding costs, and are without a doubt the best solution for your stable flooring needs.Contact our sales staff for quantity discounts, customized quotes, or with any questions you might have. 877-275-8253

All mat dimensions are 3/4" thick and 4' x 6' 
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Sealed Seam Stable Flooring