Equine Products - Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say:

"Dear Will,
I picked up these mats this afternoon. The warehouse you guys use out here was absolutely super to us and we LOVE the mats. Will get back to you with another order in the next couple of days. Thank you so very much. Please let the wonderful ladies and the yard man at Cascade Warehouse know how much we appreciated their help too.

Thank you!!"


"Dear Will,
Just want to say they are all down and it looks great. We have just a very few spots that we need to deal with but overall nothing but great comments from the clients on how good the barn looks. That darn old cement is all covered up and the mats really smoothed the floor out amazingly well. I can’t thank you enough for your attention to what I needed and being there to answer the questions we had. I just really appreciate you taking the time to work with our project so we could get it done. There are several companies out there that will sell their products but you were the one to step forward and help me to get it done.

Thank you!!"

Joyce - Olympia, WA

Got the mats today as promised. Put them down and they look great. Thanks for your help."

David - Murfreesboro, TN

"Dear Will,
We are delighted and impressed with your rubber mats. They were excellent to install, and we were impressed at the very tight fits that makes them very secure.
I hope to be able to order more mats for more stalls soon."

Jane - Vista, CA

"Dear Scot,
I wanted to personally thank you for the excellent customer service and the help you gave me in selecting the right rubber mats for our foster dog / kennel needs. These have been exactly what I needed and hoped for. My resident dog, Tully, has made them his new place to lounge, and being able to clean them so easily has been a godsend (he’s exceptionally furry!)
Having your help on the front end online was great - the online chat tool is something we’re thinking of implementing on our product website, so thank you!
I know how much we enjoy hearing about a good experience, so I really wanted to pass that on to you, too. 
On a funny note…these rolled mats aren’t all that light…The day they were delivered, the new little, lightweight, UPS guy was on my route! What a sight!
Thanks again!"

Nicole - Shelby Township, MI